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Richard Newcomb

Richard Newcomb

Dear Friend,

People experiencing homelessness is out of control in Southern California! In Los Angeles County alone the homeless population is now over 53,000 people, which is a staggering number of precious. This cause is very dear to me and I'm trying to make an impact, by participating in this amazing 5k Walk to Fight Homelessness at LA Live on May 11th.

Union Rescue Mission is the largest privately funded homeless shelter in the United States. They provide shelter, food and life necessities to nearly 1,500 people everyday. In addition, they are currently fundraising to build a third facility for women and children in South LA that will add an additional 550 beds!

Can you please help join the cause and make a donation to my campaign today?

I truly appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference!

Thank you!




raised of $15,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. MGMartha & Manuel Gonzalez
2. NRNorma Ryder
3. MKMark Killingsworth
Good cause !👍
4. PDPaul & Linda Dean
5. JFJoseph M Ferullo
Richard - Way to go! Thank you for all you and URM do!
6. SSSteve And Nancy Short
Great cause Richard, keep it up!
7. CSCarol Shelly
Blessings to URM!
8. GTGuille R Taylor
you are awesome Richard, in memory of my sister Susana Reynoso, she would have been out there walking with you :)
9. ?Anonymous
You are the awesome guy!!
Thank You for all you do!!
11. ADAnnie Derickson
Walk faster!
12. DRDiane Randolph
Go gettum, my friend.
13. BLBrad Layland
Thank you for asking!
14. MSMark Schatzberg
Keep Up the Great Work!
15. PDPeter Deragon
God bless.
17. JFJoel Feldman
18. KKKevin And Marian Kelly
Thanks for all the good work you and the team do at URM. We are happy to support your walk!
19. RSRodney Sutton
Bless you Richard!
20. JTJoAnn Trumps
Keep up the good work.
21. dsDan Shostak
Happy to support the cause
23. FJFred W Newcomb, Jr
This donation made in honor of Richard Newcomb's wonderful dedication and great leadership.
24. BTBraughn Taylor
25. DMDiana P Moore
26. CSCarol Steffen
Easter Blessings! I'm looking forward to participating in the upcoming URM Walk!
27. BSBerkeley Simmons
“The King will reply’Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’” MATT 35:40 God bless your work and this mission!
28. SCSandra Cho
Go get em!
29. SRScott Runyon
Richard; you are making a difference with your hard work and dedication!!!!!
30. TBTom Beaver
Good Job Richard
31. MMark & Andrea Strom
Go Richard Go!!!
32. AMAlexandra Monsibaez
33. Richard Newcomb
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