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John Langkusch

John Langkusch

I have been a supporter and donor of Union Rescue Mission ever since I started tithing, about 9 years now, and I have had a heart for the homeless ever since. According to URM there are over 52,000 people in Los Angeles alone who suffer homelessness.

I myself have experienced continual job loss during the early years of my adult life and career. It was from the love and support of friends, family, and God's grace that my family and I were never in danger of being homeless. Unfortunately this is not the reality for far too many people. Whether it's from poor circumstances, bad luck, or mistakes made, of which I am no stranger to, not everyone just bounces back, let alone into a life of luxury.

We all have our struggles, circumstantially and financially, but imagine if those weren't issues it all because you had no home to maintain, no budget to balance, and no job to wear you out. Whether or not charitable donations is a part of your regular life, please consider donating to this desperate cause that truly means a lot to me.

Thank you,
John Langkusch


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