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Emma & David Simmons

Emma & David Simmons

Dear Family, Friends and Allies,

People experiencing homelessness is out of control in Southern California! In Los Angeles County alone the homeless population is now over 58,000 people, with a staggering 111% increase in families experiencing homelessness at Skid Row. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created a true CRISIS for people devastated by homelessness in Southern California! While most of us have homes, food, toilet paper, etc., many of the poor and afflicted have nothing.

This cause is dear to us and we're trying to make an impact by participating in this amazing Virtual 5k Walk to Fight Homelessness on Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14, 2020. We actually will be walking/jogging in an area near home. We will have our facial coverings and, if needed, doing physical distancing along the less-traveled route.

Union Rescue Mission is one of the largest privately funded homeless shelters in the United States. They are also the only mission on Skid Row that NEVER turns away a single woman or family with children. In addition, they are currently fundraising to build a third facility for women and children in South LA. 

Can you please help join the cause and make a donation to our campaign today?

We truly appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! 

Thank you and God bless you!

 Emma & David


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Recent Donations

1. Anonymous
2. Anonymous
3. Mark Clayton
Sorry I'm late to donate, hope you had a good 5k. Thank you for continuing to think of others during the pandemic.
4. Eric Chang
5. Raquel Morales
Good job Emma
6. Sharon Anderson
In support of Emma and her wonderful spirit to help others!
7. Athena Paquette-Cormier
8. Kenneth Bellerose
Emma, thank you for helping those in need.
9. IQWorks
Thank you for helping to make a difference! Go!
10. Deloris Welch
11. Anonymous
Great Cause!
12. Ryan Waddell
Great job Emma! Happy to support you and this great cause! “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.” Nelson Mandela
13. Ryan Rackleff
Thanks for taking initiative on this cause Emma, it looks like you are making a difference and best of luck on your 5k walk this weekend! Be safe out there and keep fighting the good fight!
14. M Cheng
Emma, thanks for doing great things.
15. MNG
Go, Emma!
16. Marisol Sanchez
Emma, Thank you for your actions and for reminding us what it means to take care of our brothers and sisters. Stay safe!!!
17. Millie Nuezca Yee
Emma, your act of kindness to help a great cause is a blessing.
18. Jeremy Beard
Thank you for helping those so in need of a hand.
19. Jaypee & Sergio
Your love and kindness will make a difference in someone's life. This is a great cause, and happy to help. Take care, Emma!
20. Jerry Kong
Great cause! I’m glad to help out!
21. Mindy Glaser
Great Ministry! Run on Sister!!
22. Pedro Pizarro
23. Jeff Clark
I've given to this organization before and know that it's better to give to the Union Mission than directly to a homeless person. God Bless you Emma for doing your part.
24. Dawn Wilson
25. Pattie Hoffman
Thank you for all you're doing to help others! Godspeed...
26. Kevin Payne
Emma, Thanks for supporting such a great cause. You are making a difference!
27. TR
Thank you for doing this Emma. Great cause! Enjoy your walk.
28. John Jenkins
Emma and David, may your efforts be blessed.
29. Anonymous
30. Dorothy Ingram
31. Rosetta Henderson
This is awesome and thank you both for helping those in need. May you continue to be a blessing.
32. Maxine Franklin
Emma, I support what you support. Love you always!
33. Akilah Kimble
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