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Team Armas

Team Armas

Please help us support Union Rescue Mission by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Union Rescue Mission's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!

Diane Miller
  • Mark Miller


raised of $500 goal

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Recent Donations

1. Anita Davis
I hope my donation can help with homelessness.
2. Norma Chavez
3. Veronica Corona
Thank you for all you do!
4. Tamara Nishimoto
Congrats on making your goal! What a wonderful cause for an amazing organization!My parents have been long-time supporters of Union Rescue Mission and their work.
5. April Sakai
In support of the Shimahara Family and congrats to Christine. Go Bears!
6. Helena Yu
Hope you had a great walk for Union Rescue Mission yesterday! (sorry, didn't get to open this email till recently).
7. Kristen Kaneko
Wonderful cause Lorraine!
8. Elaine Lu
Thanks for bringing us together to support this great cause, Lorraine!
9. Anonymous
Go Lorraine! We are with you!
10. Wen-Chia Tsai Parker
Sending peace and love to the cause, hoping all people can find homes ♥️
11. Lori
Small steps to big changes :)
12. Stefani Takahashi
Such an important cause.....thank you for doing this!!
13. Eric Ma
14. Novakovich Alex
15. Grace Schmelzer
Thank you, Lorraine, for the invitation to support this wonderful organization! Blessings on your whole family as you walk to support Union Rescue Mission’s work with men, women, & children who are experiencing homelessness
16. Apriem Advisors
Go Kristy Go!!! Our Pleasure to support your efforts!
17. Judy Tang
18. Jennifer And Dean Takiguchi
Wow! What a great thing for you and your family to participate in. Thank you for getting out there to help end homelessness.
19. Julie S
Happy to help, such a good cause
20. Jen Cook-Ortiz
21. Tara Mittal-Campbell
22. Julie Landis-Cheng
Happy to donate to URM to support all of the wonderful programs they have to help people get off the streets and rebuild their lives .
23. Cedric on Spring St.
Love will make a way!
24. Maurice DiMino
Go all the way!
25. Liza Wong
I’d be glad to make the donation to the campaign for URM Virtual Walker/Lorraine Shimahara.
26. Anonymous
27. Susan Chang
Lorraine, I thought about doing the URM Virtual Walk as well, except lately I've been having back pain. I'm glad you are doing it though. :) Susan
28. Anonymous
29. Melanie Cobb
30. David Hontz
31. Linda Cota-Kumagai
Go Team Kristy Go!
32. Adele Crawford
I can't walk 3 miles anymore but I am happy to help the wonderful work that is being done in the name of Jesus at the Union Rescue Mission.
33. John & Maria DeBalso
34. Angela Stephens
35. Albert Kuo
36. Mayra Franco
Go Kristy Go!
37. Ingrid Mendez
Thank you URM for the work you do
38. Katalina Stephanoupolis-Betran
Have fun on your walk and tell me how the scenery is!!!
39. Anonymous
40. Nilda Michel
41. Erik Fonseca
I’m very proud of you, Kristy! Thank you for everything that you do. You inspire me ❤️
42. Ricardo Vasquez
43. Kay Worthington
Thank you Kristy for your dedication and allowing me to be on your team for URM
44. Alia Kahn
45. Jose Angel Manaiza Jr
May God bless richly this ministry and worthy cause in helping those in need
46. Anonymous
47. Donna Pekkonen
You have a beautiful heart, Kristy. I'm so happy to support you!
49. Diane Miller
50. Diane Miller
51. Mark Miller
52. Larry Kroeze
Go Kristy Go!
53. Albert Kuo
54. Anonymous
55. Richard O Romero
56. Kristy Armas
57. Jason Armas