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Christ Church

Christ Church

Please join Christ Church's team and support Union Rescue Mission by making a contribution and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Union Rescue Mission's ministry to those devastated by homelessness!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created a true CRISIS for people devastated by homelessness in Southern California! While most of us have homes, food, toilet paper, etc., many of the poor and afflicted have nothing.

In Los Angeles County alone, the homeless population is nearing 59,000 people, with 44,000 of them living in cars, vans, RV's, tents or just out in the open air. We cannot leave people on the streets like this, especially with this ruthless disease! CAN YOU PLEASE HELP?

People experiencing homelessness is out of control in Southern California with a staggering 111% increase in families experiencing homelessness at Skid Row.

This cause is very dear to me and I'm trying to make an impact by participating in this amazing Virtual 5k Walk to Fight Homelessness on Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14.

I will be Mt. Biking more than 5k and you can join me on my ride, do your own bike ride, walk, run, or treadmill.

Union Rescue Mission is one of the largest privately funded homeless shelters in the United States. They are also the only mission on Skid Row that NEVER turns away a single woman or family with children. In addition, they are currently fundraising to build a third facility for women and children in South LA.

Can you please help join URM and make a donation to our Christ Church team today?

Together we can make a difference!

Thank you!

Tim Peters (Christ Church member, deacon, team captain and URM staff)



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1. Angie Lyon
Thank you for helping vulnerable people. Good for you!
2. Lauri Morrill
3. Lauri Morrill
4. Jhona Rupp
You are awesome Sara!
5. Dougher Family
Thanks Tim for leading the way to fight homelessness and spread the gospel.
6. Belinda Gibbs
You go girl. ❤️❤️❤️
8. Hilde Hithe
9. Yvonne Bell
10. Jeff Kroeker
11. Steve And Wendy R.
14. Robert Ver Burg
15. Robert Ver Burg
16. Larry James
Great to support URM...thanks Loni!
17. Anonymous
18. Karon And Kerry French
Thanks for asking us to support this fund-raiser. It's good to hear about your involvement with URM. Go Loni!
19. Michael Fricke
20. Leslee M Watson
Good luck Loni!
21. Alondra Miller
22. Alondra Miller
23. Richard Clapp
I will do a virtual walk.
24. Anonymous
25. David Campbell
Thanks for your inspirational leadership.
26. Tim Peters
Let's go team!
27. Tsegamlak Worku
28. Mathew And Joanne
Way to go, Sara Mathew and Joanne
29. Rick Rupp
I'm behind you!