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Lauri Morrill

Lauri Morrill

Dear Friend,

Doug and I want to help the Los Angeles County homeless population, now over 58,000 people, with a staggering 111% increase in families experiencing homelessness at Skid Row, We are both participating in the URM'S 5K VIRTUAL WALK this coming weekend, June 13 and 14, 2020.

Somehow, I don't believe I did our page right. So today I am resetting this page as both of ours, and we will be donating tomorrow as there is about to be a matching fund so that Union Rescue Mission gets twice as much when we donate. My page is now public so that you can get to it and/or forward it to anyone who carries a passion for helping the homeless.

Well, about to go practice walk so that I can actually do a 5K by Saturday after being fairly immobile for 3 months of the pandemic home-stay. Thank you to each of you who support us in this fund raiser. Since a bunch of us from Christ Church Sierra Madre are doing this, follow God's leading!

Love to you! Thank you!

 Lauri and Doug


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