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CCSM Over The Edge Team

Christ Church Sierra Madre

Christ Church Sierra Madre

Hey Christ Church and Friends!
Please help us support Union Rescue Mission by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends.

This event allows us to have our very own Pastor Josh Swanson be grappled over the edge of a building; but more importantly, every single dollar raised contributes to fighting against homelessness in our local/greater community of Los Angeles.

We as Christ Church are committed to being a part of helping the community around us, and we believe that URM is on the forefront of addressing this need in an effective and gospel-centered way.

Would you join us in making a difference!



raised of $5,000 goal

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1. Christ Church
2. Jhona And Rick Rupp
In memory of our sister Ruth Alura Perez.
3. Anonymous
4. Anonymous
5. Anonymous
6. Divina L. Johnson
7. Alecia McGinnis
8. Anonymous
9. Ann Pearson
10. Larry & Susie Maxson
Having been well-trained by me years ago in this type of risky behavior, we're sure Pastor Josh will do just fine going over the edge!!
11. Rosalie & Jim Halverson
12. Anonymous
13. Laurel Russell
Happy Landings!!!
14. Rida Rivera
15. Anonymous
16. Georgina Tsinoglou
17. Anonymous
18. Steve And Carol Meier
19. Anonymous
Love the work URM is doing! Go Christ Church Team!
20. Anonymous
Thank you for the opportunity to give!
21. James Wee
Much blessings to God's warriors of CCSM!
22. Jonathan Wee
23. Walsten Mary
Land safely please!
24. Anonymous
Thank you, Josh, for taking on this challenge and letting us know that we can help so directly!
25. Frank & Kathleen Singleton
26. Anthony & Jenny Stanley
Cheering for you Josh, Justin and Tim -- Hold on tight!
27. John Tessandori
28. Josh Swanson
29. Anonymous
30. Anonymous