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Union Rescue Mission proudly produces the Stories from Skid Row YouTube series featuring our guests. Every month, you can expect a new story of courage and healing from someone who has gone through our programs. Witness for yourself how your support continues to transform lives every day.

Supporting One Another: Olivia's Story
It’s difficult for anyone living at Skid Row—but especially for a teenaged girl. That's why we’ve created Girl Talk, a group where teen girls living at URM can take a break from Skid Row and support each other through the struggles they face.

In Search of Safety: Maritza's Story
After facing sexual abuse as a child, Maritza entered foster care then experienced homelessness as a young mother. With the help of Hope Gardens, Maritza began to restore her relationship with God and found the safe space that she always searched for.

A Family Restored: Ray's Story
“None of these scars are from the streets. They’re from my home.”
When Ray came to Union Rescue Mission for help, he didn’t realize how much anger he still carried from the trauma he experienced as a child. Your support provides a way home. Watch how God transformed Ray’s life now.