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Richard Newcomb

Richard Newcomb

Dear Friend,

People devastated by homelessness is out of control in Southern California! In Los Angeles County alone the homeless population is now over 66,400 people, with the elderly up 20% and a staggering 46% increase in families experiencing homelessness. 

This cause is very dear to me and I'm trying to make an impact by taking the Leap to Fight Homelessness at the Hilton Universal City taking place on October 2nd & 3rd. 

Union Rescue Mission is one of the largest privately funded homeless shelters in the United States. They are also the only mission on Skid Row that NEVER turns away a single woman or family with children . In addition, they are currently fundraising to build a third facility for women and children in South LA. 

Can you please help join the cause and make a donation to my campaign today?

I truly appreciate your support! Together we can make a difference! 

Thank you!



raised of $15,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Linda & Steven Cupingood
CONGRATS!!! Keep up the good work!!
2. Timothy Regan
You should be very proud Richard , many of us discuss giving and devotion. You do it. All the best Tim
3. Billie Vinas
Great Job Richard. Congratulations 🙏
4. Linda And Jack Boyd
Great work, Richard!
5. Janet & Gerry Puchlik
6. Rachel Templeton
You are amazing!
7. Karen Azzara
All the best Richard! Wish I could be there to see you. Thank you for your heart, your kindness and your courage. Miss you!
8. Caryl & Susan Gundersen
You go Rich !!!!!
9. JoAnn Trumps
So proud of all the good work you do. Love you Mom
10. Austin Cyr
11. Ruth Irwin
Good luck!!
13. James Benefield III
Much love and support for all the things you do for so many people. You are always giving.
14. Carie Hendrick
I love watching from afar what you do for your community. I hope to meet again on a boat...some day.
15. Laurie Kroll
Love your devotion to this cause, Richard! Safe jumping!
16. Fred W Newcomb
17. Wanda Chan
Hi Richard! You’re so brave! Good luck tomorrow! I’m praying for your safety and for your cause. Thank you for helping our homeless.
18. Bridgette Selby Massey
Thank you for the wonderful work you do everyday Richard!!
19. Randolph Kemp
20. Jeremiah Williamosn
21. Dan Shostak
Keep up the good work
22. Donna Huber
Good luck sweetheart.
23. Walter Brennan
24. Todd & Jennifer Wood
25. George Jones
26. Annie Derickson
27. Steve McIntire
Good luck Richard. Please double check the ropes
28. Carol Shelly
Blessing your effort, my friend! Go Richard Go!
29. Yeilen Willis
30. Virginia Trowbridge
Be safe on this adventure!
31. Scott And Theresa Runyon
you do good things my friend:)!!!!
32. Amy Byer Shainman
Go Richard! XO Amy
33. Chuck And Faith Bearchell
34. Diane Randolph
Go get 'em my friend!
35. Anonymous
Just do it and stay alive first and foremost for your family and loved ones and second so that you can continue the great work that you are doing.
36. Joe & Sylvia Ferullo
37. Tom Beaver
Good work my man. A lot of people need help!
38. Sue Griffin
Thank you Richard for all you do to help people who are devastated by homelessness! Stay safe and be well~
39. Guille R Taylor
Good luck Richard, be safe...
40. Richard D Newcomb
41. Bridget Roberto
God Bless you. looking forward to see the photos. Not for me, I'm afraid of heights.
42. Mark Schatzberg
In support of my friend Richard Newcomb
43. Anonymous
Our Daughter participated in the "Over the Edge" fund raiser last year, so we are happy to support that project once again.
44. Mark Strom
45. Tony Menzie
Leap, Dude, Leap!!!
46. Richard Newcomb

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