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Sarah Mchale

Sarah McHale

Dear Friend,

People devastated by homelessness is out of control in Southern California! In Los Angeles County alone the homeless population is now over 59,000 people, with a staggering 111% increase in families experiencing homelessness at Skid Row. 

This cause is very dear to me and I'm trying to make an impact by taking the Leap to Fight Homelessness at the Hilton Universal City taking place on October 4th & 5th. 

Union Rescue Mission is one of the largest privately funded homeless shelters in the United States. They are also the only mission on Skid Row that NEVER turns away a single woman or family with children . In addition, they are currently fundraising to build a third facility for women and children in South LA. 

Can you please help join the cause and make a donation to my campaign today?

I truly appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! 

Thank you!



raised of $2,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Heidi Bolte
Great job Sarah and Joel!!!! xxooxx
2. Elizabeth Gordon
3. Anonymous
4. Rowena Harper
Wow! Nice job you two. Love this cause and so grateful for all that was raised so far!
5. Clarissa Troop
Well bloody done and sorry I was late to the game!
6. Kimberly Patamia
Way to go Sarah! Thanks for doing your part to help our brothers and sisters who aren’t home yet.
7. Kathleen Ward
Thank you for this fantastic work!
8. The Culligan’s
9. Brenda King
10. Anonymous
11. Martel And Tony Hale
Tony thinks that the more we give, the better the chance he won't have to actually repel. I'm going along with that. Way to go McHales!!! Don't look down!
12. Kate B
Remember: AGGRESSIVE small talk.
13. Martel And Tony Hale
Go Sarah and Joel!!
14. Bridget & Danny Pudi
You two are my heroes!! Way to bring more awareness to this issue. And good luck!!!
15. Joyce Derrickson
16. Mary McCloud
I would've just donated the money - you didn't have to jump off a building! Just ask, next time. You are my hero though. xoxox
17. Naomi Scott
Go Sarah Go - you are my hero!
18. David & Carolyn Rosenberg
We will double this if Bean goes with you:)
19. Heidi Lindelof
Thank you for taking the leap and for encouraging others to do so too!
20. Anonymous
Go Sarah! Strong and kind. Love you!
21. Lesley Hyatt
Fortunately, y'all are crazy!
22. Anonymous
23. Valerie Chagares
24. LeeAnn Baker Steding
25. Sue Bae
26. Facebook Funds
27. Kristin Jackson
Great cause, great adventure. Go Sarah!
28. Laurie And Jack McHale
Go, Sarah go! We're very for you and Joel and your generosity.
29. Ali Gray
30. Alan & Cat Ritchson
31. Friend Wells
32. Stewart R. Kelly
Thanks for passion and commitment!
33. Sarah McHale

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