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Luke Munnell

Luke Munnell

Dear Friends,

I'm sure you'll agree: Homelessness is out of control in Southern California.

In Los Angeles County alone the homeless population is now over 66,400 people, with the elderly up 20% and a staggering 46% increase in families experiencing homelessness. 

The fallout from it all is self-evident. But what we don't always see is the suffering. On average, 3 of our fellow Americans die on L.A. streets — each day — from causes directly attributed to homelessness. And countless others fall into patterns they feel powerless to fight.

Founded in 1891, the Union Rescue Mission (URM) is one of the largest privately funded homeless shelters in the United States. They are the only mission on Skid Row that NEVER turns away a single woman or family with children. Their two facilities are supported entirely by private donations, and they're currently fundraising to finish construction of a third facility, for women and children in South LA. 

This cause is very dear to me, and I'm trying to support their efforts by taking the Leap to Fight Homelessness at the Hilton Universal City, taking place on October 2nd & 3rd, benefiting the URM. 

Since shooting this event for them last year, I've seen the work they do and have had the honor of meeting and working closely with some of their many success stories. Can you please join me in supporting their cause by making a donation to my campaign today?

If we raise just $1,000, you'll get to see me go over the edge, myself — camera in hand. Either way, every dollar raised literally helps save a life, so let's blow this out of the water!

Together we really can make a difference. 

Thank you! I truly appreciate it.



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